Ladybird Johnson ~ December 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007

~It’s funny how news announcements can affect one. I’ve just learned of the passing of former First Lady, Ladybird Johnson a couple of days ago. I didn’t know her of course, and only knew a little bit about her until I read about her at Wikipedia…

~I knew she had championed civic beautification and wildflower conservation, and I knew of her as a figure of kindness and generosity. Symbolizing so much of what is good and decent to so many people, much like Princess Diana does to many people of my generation. For me, personally, the saddest thing about this is that we have lost someone who stood for decency and courtesy and kindness and beauty. It often seems that our society values people less and less for integrity and well, values than it does for scandal and sleaziness.

~I would ask those of you who celebrate Samhain to join me in remembering this special lady this year at that turning of the wheel.



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