Cross roads, and endings…

Sometimes you can have a conversation, or an exchange of letters, or e-mails and it changes things. Sometimes change happens and even a simple interaction can bring you to a cross-roads.

I wrote some things, he wrote some things, and now I no longer want to be involved in the church I was so hopeful and enthused about a little over 24 hours before. Now I stand within the cross-roads.

The cross-roads are a place of power and potential. You can continue forward, you can change direction, or you can go backward and cover the same ground again. Hecate Trivia, Hecate of the Three Roads is one of the Goddesses of witches. It is said that in Her rites the Thessalayan witches drew down the moon from the starry sky…

“Goddess of the Limnal Points, Lady of the Wilderness, Queen of Ghosts, Thosand faced Night, Mistress of Sorcery, mighty Hecate may your lanterns light shine forth in the darkness and guide my head and my voice, guide my heart, my hands, and my feet as I tread these cross-roads paths.”

I have chosen a change of direction, I have my own goals and dreams and I will continue to move towards them on a different path than I had planned. I would not have chosen this change. Sometimes change just happens and you find yourself at a cross-roads.



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