a few words for today

My first instinct is to just go to bed… but I am trying to post something here each day… I am reminded of a piece of one of the “Just for Today” affirmations from Al-anon…

“I will do something I don’t want to do, just for excercise.”

It can be so easy to coast through things when your schedule gets hectic… of course thats my issue not yours.

Its tricky trying to give vent to ones creativity when your exhausted and have had a recent dissapointment. On the one hand I want to vent my feelings and thoughts; on the other hand I don’t wish to wallow in my recent blue funk.

I’m still working on the Lammas ritual.. I have decided that over the next year I will strive to write a ritual for each of the Sabbats.

I am also working on some research on Isis, Hecate, Herne, and the Greenman…

must sleep more creativity later.



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