Weather related Curmudgeonry, and an ego boost!

So I’ve had the realization that living in Central Florida (Orlando) in August is a lot like living in Southern Alaska (Anchorage) in January… but for different reasons…

There’s still that same sense of “I just need to make it through this month and things will get better!!” Here it’s the heat and humidity, which hardly abates at night. There it’s the long nights of Winter, which aren’t shortening fast enough until sometime in February…

Living anywhere is a trade off…

I remember when as an Alaskan I would tell folks that I was moving to Florida they’d inevitably say something along the lines of
“But they’ve got Alligators and Hurricanes!” (This was the summer of 2005, shortly after Katrina)
It got to the point where I would respond

“We’ve got Grizzly Bears and Wolves and Earthquakes!”

There are good and bad points of living anywhere. I am still in some ways in the Honeymoon stage of having moved from a relatively small town (Anchorage, AK, USA pop. 330-350,000) to a large, yet spread out metropolitan area (Orlando, FL, USA metro-area pop. 1.5 million) all the shiny and interesting aspects of living in a Big City!!

But its not like we go out that often. My partner and I, and our roommate, are considering moving to a new house and one of the options is fairly out in the country but still about 20-30 minutes from Orlando via Highway… I find myself with mixed feelings on this. It partly feels like I am just learning where the cool geek and Pagan hangouts are, dang-it!! I also am just getting comfortable enough with my knowledge of roads and directions and areas of Orlando that I was going to start venturing onto the Highways and Toll Roads in the area.

I think my mid-thirties are beginning to see some curmudgeonly tendencies starting to surface.



In other news I’ve had a few more e-mails about the article on Witchvox, about anti-Christian prejudice in the Pagan community. The majority positive and one I consider negative. The neat thing is that Sia ~ one of the bloggers/writers/Pagan Community Members I like, read, and admire ~ dropped me a line to say she liked the article. We exchanged some e-mails and she took a look at this blog and wrote me another note saying she liked it! She also listed me on her blog role!

+smile, cast eyes downward, blush+

See I, as I’ve written before I used to dream of writing for a living… so to have a writer whose work I admire say I’m doing good… well its one heck of a Lammastide surprise!


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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