Good bye Awen


Thank you. Thank you for your conversation and for the budding friendship we had. I think of you as the Second friend I made in the Pagan community. It was great to spend some time with you that night after Moon Circle chatting about the community at Denny’s. Sharing hopes and goals for our community and just shooting the bull. I was so looking forward to working with you, and to getting to know you better as the awesome, sharp minded and open hearted woman you were.

I remember seeing you at the last Sabbat I attended and sharing a little healing energy with you. I remember hearing your illness had progressed and the concern that we all felt.

I remember your most recent e-mail letting folks know what was going on with you.

I did not know you all that well. Yours was a luminous yet subdued presence that always shone with wisdom and peace… I think that’s what ended up gravitating me to you. The peacefulness of your presence, at peace with yourself and with your past and present and your willingness to live your life always moving forward.

I will miss you, and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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