Sick & Tired

So I am fighting off what started out looking like alergies/hayfever and has quickly morphed into a nasty bout of flu. My partner took me to the health center for the school and I will be going back tomorrow to try and get checked out.

I am feeling really sick… and poster up at school talking about a recent meningitis outbreak didn’t help… Of course many of the symptoms of meningitis are the same as a bad case of the flu… so now my mind is hyperfocusing on the slightest ache or stuffyness as an impending sign of doom!

When you’ve had a lot of hurt or dissapointment in your life it can be easy to let your mind linger over the worst case scenario… it can get to the point where when you find happiness you mis-trust it… you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. The trick is learning to club that part of your psyche down and get it back under control…

Of course magickaly I probably need to embrace it and heal it and integrate it and all that happy holitic business… but right now I am happy just to ballance it out the doom filled voice with one of hope.


I was re-reading my posts earlier and I noticed… I do tend to ramble don’t I. I think part of it is having been blessed with A.D.D. … I have a strong Raven mind… “Oooo! SHINY!” – as a number of my friends in AK used to say about ourselved… It’s interesting how many folks I new in Anchorage are also blessed with A.D.D. and were also of a metaphysical or pagan bent. Not all of them, but enough of them for it to be a pattern and patterns can atract the eye …

I’ve made one or two friends since moving down to Orlando. Todd is my Partner’s best friend and our room-mate and has quickly become a member of my familly of choice. Kym is a definate and true friend… despite our life scheduals being so off.

I really haven’t done that much to nourish my soul or excercise my mind. School of course, and some of the classes HAVE been fun, but it’s stuff I have to do rather than choosing to do…

I haven’t found an outlet for my Geekery… no RPG groups, no movie nights with the gang, no meeting up in or out of costume for the latest movie premiere… ~sigh~


We interrupt this moping for an important news flash… My partner is the Bees Knees!! He has just surprised me with a dinner of home made chicken noodle soup! I’m so lucky!!

Well I think I will sign off for now folks…



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