Baby steps towards a new Altar

And it’s still spelled a-l-t-a-r… NOT alter!

(I’m sorry, are my pet peeves showing again?!)

ANYHOW… I bought a new alter cloth tonight… two of them in fact. Both at the dreaded Wal*mart in the $1 fabric section. The first is 3 yards of a nice dark purple slightly shiny synthetic of unknown composition. The second is maybe 1.5 yards of a maroonish purple in the fabric they make (American) football jersey’s out of?? you know the stuff with the holes in it?

I will be using those to transform the kitchen/dining room table into an Altar to honor the moon tomorrow with my friend Kym! Yay!!!

And, yes, as a matter of fact I do know that the full moon isn’t technically until Tuesday night, but I have always followed the practice of the night of the Phase or one of the two nights on either side of the official phase… depending on the vagaries of my work and other schedules.

I also bought some more Sea Salt… for me at least any salt will work but I enjoy the symbolism of Sea Salt. I have used a number of types of salt over the years… but my (few) culinary classes have given me a new appreciation for the complexities of salt as an ingredient… I’d love to know if different types of salt have different magickal properties?

I have some Dragons blood soy-wax candles gifted me by a friend and a few of my altar tools… gasp… I need to clean the table!! Funny how the salmon of ones intellect sometimes makes a dramatic leap in ones streams of thought, isn’t it?!?

While I was at Wall-Marche (wahl-mar-shay) I looked around at some potential more permanent altar cabinets and tables and found nothing evocative… I should go through some of the local thrift stores next week.

hmmm…. I am really exited at the prospect of creating an alter… even a temporary one. Perhaps I have hungered for a return to more regular Witchy and religious practices more than I had realized. I feel my creative energies flowing once again and I am loving it!!

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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