A Chrysalis Circle…

So tonight I Circled. It was good. I didn’t invoke, just evoked, but that was what I felt the need for… if I felt the need to invoke I would have. Gods it just feels good to shake the cobwebs out of my soul!!

Ground and Center
Once Altar is prepared, ring the tibettan bells…

“Let the Circle Be Cast

In this night and in this hour,
I weave once more, Magicks power,

Between the worlds this Circle stands,A Sphere of light, a ring of clasping hands,Here incense sweet and bitter brine,Shall bless each atom, each cell, and empower, and re-awaken the Divine

Remember, Remember oh blessed space,
That you are of, and beyond, all time and place.
Watchtowers and Powers of Earth and Sky, and Sun and Sea,
Please join in this Circle, and celebrate with me.

Mother Celestial and Father Divine,
I call on Thee, as I am Thine.
I cry out welcome to thee,
Welcome to the Powers and Principalities!

With the Fruits of the Earth I welcome Thee,
With sweet scented incense in the Air I welcome Thee,
With cool and refreshing and holy Water I welcome Thee,
With the warmth and light of the Fires within my Hearth and Heart I welcome Thee!

Hail and Well Met and Blessed Be!”

~ Pax 2007~

bless the food, and make offering of food and water…

thank Powers and Principalities,
put away things of Altar.
type things up,
Pass out!


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