Once upon a time at a Cross-Roads…

I have been researching Hekate recently. I am feeling a pull to learn more of and from Her.

In contemplating the Queen of Phantoms, I have also been remembering an incident from early on in my journey as a Witch…

It was after my mom had passed away and I was living in downtown Anchorage and working in Midtown. I was working the night shift and walked along some of the bike trails near West High School and Westchester Lagoon. A dear friend of mine had recently given me a sealed letter and told me to hold onto it for her and if “something” happened to her I was to give it to her parents. I was deeply worried, and she was short on giving me any details.

Not knowing what else to do I turned to the Gods, or rather a Goddess. At the time I felt a pull from the Celtic gods and goddesses. I was walking along a bike trail after work one night at about 2am… I thought hard about my words and as I approached a place where three bike trails intersected I spoke my prayers to the Morrigan, prayers of protection and defense for my friend.

There was an intense onrushing of Power and Presence, as deep and powerful and ancient as the Ocean and its tides or the majestic Mountains of my childhood. I stood there feeling as if I was being picked up and examined from every angle. Held carefully is strong yet gently cupped hands. Scrutinized to the deepest part of my head and heart and soul. Then there was a sense of…decision… and then She was gone.

I remember stumbling home, with the sense of someone taking me by the arm and dragging/escorting me home. “It’s OK. This sort of thing happens sometimes, try not to make too big a deal about this. Its being taken care of…” Not words so much but thoughts and feelings.

An early and very influential ‘This stuff is REAL!?” experience as a acquaintance of mine used to say.

I now wonder if that voice in my head helping me home and keeping me relatively calm was Hecate… I had called to Morrigan, but Hecate is always there at the cross-roads, and one of her many roles is as a guide and guardian to young men.

I really do not know, all I really know is that I am feeling a call to learn more of and from the Saffron Veiled Lady of the Cross-roads.


3 thoughts on “Once upon a time at a Cross-Roads…

  1. Tracie the Red

    You’ve been Tapped.

    Find Sannion. He’s a Hellenic reconstructionist. I think he writes on livejournal. He might be able to point you to some great Hecate stuff.

  2. Pax

    As synchronicity would have it I am already in contact with him… I recently have been exchanging e-mails with him re: working with both Hekate and Dionysus in my Witchcraft.

    Peace, Love, Ekstasis,

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