"You’ve been Tapped."

That was the heading that my friend Tracie posted a comment about my previous post. I find myself wondering if this is so…

Did Hekate take me by the hand so many years ago as I stood at a literal and metaphorical cross-roads reeling from a moment of primal gnosis, wavering between “eek!” and “wow!”? I remember distinctly the sense of being guided home by something other than my own self… I was still caught up in the whole “eek and/or wow!” of the moment to really think too much of anything.

Then there’s Dionysus. He’s been on my mind recently as well. I can look back upon my journey as a Witch and see several points… several moments where he may have been lurking in the background. I’ve prayed to him in the past… and felt the siren song of the path of ecstatic theurgy before…

Such strange musings for a Mabon. A harvest of the memory and the soul. A Limnal point in the year. A cross-roads of the spirit from where I choose to give myself to Hekate and Dionysus. Triformis and Diphyes, …change is, touch is, touch me, change me… hmmm

They win. I surrender.

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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