Near the New Moon Musings….

Being a Witch, being any species of Pagan, is not about the rituals you perform. Nor is it about performing the rituals because you feel you are supposed to. It is about opening yourself to the Gods. It is about the subtle alchemy of mind and spirit, head and heart, that touching the Divinities can bring about within us.

There is not always enough time in the day, nor do we always have the “right” tool or incense or what-have-you… Sometimes all we have is ourselves, and the Gods, and a simple moment to remember Them and the lessons they have brought us so far.

We do not always have Frankinsence and Myrh, or Wine to pour our libations and make our Toasts. We do not always have the right words, or the presence of mind to string two words together. Sometimes all we have is our Gods, and ourselves; that is always enough.

Thank You, Hecate and Dionysus!



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