Stretching and awakening…

“The Gods are many and they are real! They are present in every atom and cell of creation and they are present within each of us. With every breath we have the chance to breathe inspiration.”

I wrote this recently, and have been trying to breathe inspirations whenever I could. There are the moments drinking in the sunlight and stabillity of the earth as I walk into work. There are the quiet times in the back yard, listening the the whispers of wind or the babbling of the fountain.

Watching whispy clouds chase one another across the infinite midnight blue sky as the full moon, mighty Mother of us all, seems to run across the sky as the clouds dance by. Listening to the stangely reassuring echoes of the Interstate traffic…

Sunday was my Patner’s birthday and we spent most of the day at home enjoying the company of friends in our new home. After everyone had gone home I took a ritual bath, drank wine and toasted the Gods underneath the Moons brilliant gleam.

I have talked about my ongoing spiritual reawakening, and now it seems to be bubbling forth. I have sought wisdom and inspiration in the last few months, and found some. Recently though I feel like the watched pot that has begun to boil, or at least simmer.

I have been humming songs and thinking bits of poetry, remembering beloved songs from years gone by and feelling more awake, more alive, more my core self, more Witchy.

Thanks be to the Horned God, and the Mother Goddess,

Thanks be to Hecate, and Dionysus!

I salute these, the Gods and Goddesses, of my heart,

As well as All the Gods, and the Powers and Principalities of the Universe!

Blessed Be!

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