Words of Power? Words are Power!

Words and Language are on my mind recently…

Since we’ve moved to a town south of Orlando I now commute from home to work along Interstate 4. Westbound, even though I-4 runs more of a North / South through Orlando itself. This new daily commute is rather an invigorating experience for someone who grew up in a town with two State Highways out of town!

It gives me time to think about things, when I remember to relax my near bloodless grip on the steering wheel… still adjusting to the Interstate experience I guess. Anyway someone had passed me on I-4 from behind me they switched lanes sped up, and then switched lanes in front of me, all without using their turn signal.

“Curse you…” I muttered, (or something a little less publishable…) and then I thought about it.

As a Witch, a Pagan, someone who believes that our thoughts and words and actions can create change in ourselves and in the world around us…. shouldn’t I be more careful?

On the one hand I don’t imagine myself somehow so connected to the Divine or Magick that my slightest casual utterance is going to cause someone to burst into flames or anything. Focus and Will are necessary ingredients in Magick. Besides the Gods are a part of every atom and cell of creation so on some level the Universe knows when we are placing our Wills behind our words.

And yet, words have power….

Recently I was standing in line at work in the wardrobe department and heard a young lady behind me in discussion with a couple of other employees make the comment that “That’s so gay!”

I had had a rough day, I turned around to face her, and firmly yet politely said…

“Excuse me, as someone who IS gay, I would really appreciate it if you would, please, NOT use that word as a synonym for something bad, stupid or lame?”

“Uh… Ok.” She looked a little stunned.

“Thank you.” I turned back aroud and waited for the line to move.

Words have power, over us and on those around us.

I will often have to calm myself when I see someone write “alter” instead of “altar”, unless they meant it humorously, but they seldom do. On another hand despite knowing the popular rhyme I sometimes STILL have trouble with “ie” vs. “ei”!

I am an avid reader and someone who dreams of, if not making a living from my own words, then making a difference with them. Shouldn’t I be more careful with how I express myself, even in the privacy of my car on I-4? Heavens know I try to express myself well in other arena’s.

In the realm of my own words and writing, I am still formulating my thoughts on that piece about economics in the Pagan community, and on a few other potiential articles.


On a more personal level I am working out my thoughts on my religious calendar and how to honor the Gods of my heart…. I am still contemplating some ideas I got from the Religio Americana list about Pagan ways of honoring the U.S. Civic Holidays such at July 4th and Memorial Day… more about that later.


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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