I hadn’t even thought about Imbolc!!

I hadn’t. Completely slipped my mind. Bad Pagan, No Cakes and Ale!!


I need to dig out all of my poetry books; those and some of the essential Pagan/Magick books, and my RPG library, are all of my library that are down here in Florida right now. You know, just the essential soul-feeding stuff.

I think I shall be posting poety, my own and those that have inspired me, as a part of observing Imbolc and the Imbolc Season (most of February). Perhaps I can find some nice sensual ones to honor Dionysus and Aphrodite? Note to self, find box of poetry books!!

I also want to encourage any of you reading to try and hunt down a delightful, and sadly out of print, volume of poetry…

Her Words: An Anthology of Poetry about the Great Goddess

Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 249 Pages, Shambhala Publications, Incorporated, November 1999
Editor: Muten, BurleighList
Status: Out of Print
ISBN: 1570624739Shelf Location: Literature/ Fiction > Poetry > Poetry Anthologies
Description: Combining the works of ancient and modern poets, Her Words is an anthology that spans the ages, from the hymns to the goddess Inanna through to poems from Janine Canan, Lucille Clifton, May Sarton and many others.

(info from http://www.bordersstores.com/)

Track this book down, or write to Shambhala and encourage them to publish a paperback edition!! It has some amazing Goddess poetry, some from the ancient world and some from modern authors. Lots of inspiration in it!

Peace, and Happy Imbolc,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart

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