A prayer to Aphrodite

Sweet Seaborn Lady Arising
I call upon you, oh Laughter Loving Queen
In this season where we turn our thoughts to Love and Loving
I call upon you, oh Mother of the Loves,
Golden Goddess of Peace hear me.

I ask that You bless the leaders of my Nation,
oh Protectoress of the homelands,
Grant them wisdom, and loving hearts.
Let them see the soldiers of our country
as Children, and Spouses, and Parents.
Let each of them shine in the minds and hearts of our leaders
Like stars in the heavens
Like the rare and treasured jewels they are to those that love them.
Let the illuminating light of love fill the minds eyes and hearts
of the Leaders and the People of my nation.
Of all nations.

One thought on “A prayer to Aphrodite

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