Its the little things "thats gets" me…

So as a Witch on a lot of Pagan e-mail lists, who uses G-mail, I sometimes get some interesting ads at the top of my inbox page…
today the headline reads…

“Honest Spellworker – – thats gets fast results 110% success reuniting relationship”

Now I know I sometimes mix up on spelling and grammar, but “thats gets”… on an ad?


Nevermind the train of thought that started with 110% success…

Is she sitting there minding her own business when suddenly her Psychic senses start to tingle, sensing a relationship in danger so that she can swoop in in her violet tights with a big pink and grey all seeing eye in a heart symbol on the chest and help to repair relationships that are going sour before they can actually break up?!?

Of course the truly disturbing part is that I clicked on the link out of morbid curiosity, and its not just that she’s a spell worker… she use “Wiccan Love Spells” for her 110% success rate. It is people like this who give Witches a goofy image…


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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