Surfacing to Polytheism…

Recently I have been thinking about Polytheism, specifically my own…

I am a Witch. Have been for about 18 years now. Dedicated my life and self to the Lord and Lady of Witchcraft as I understood Them.

The Horned God, Herne, Lord of the Forests and Fields…

The Triple Goddess, the Moon Goddess, Lady of the Fields and Forests…

Those were some of the names I have known Them by. Recently I have began to emerge from a spiritual and religious dry spell brought on, in large part, by moving across a continent. Part of this has been following a deep urging and offering a Part of my heart and life to Hecate and to Dionysus.

Though there are similarities between the four of Them, but they are different Gods. The Night Wandering Greeks are a very different from Those I have loved and done my best to serve for so long. For a while I worried that by accepting other Gods into my heart and practice I was somehow doing a disservice to the Lord and Lady of Witchcraft. This was, of course, silly.

The Gods know us as well as, indeed much better, than we know ourselves. Being Gods they have a better perspective on things. We can Honor and Love many Gods, just as we can in our lives love and respect and honor many people. I am reminded of those relationship diagrams where you draw a number of circles representing different people in your life or group, and you draw different types of connecting lines and arrows between the circles to represent the different types of relationship…

Polytheism is like that. There so many types and levels of relationship one can have with the Gods. I am sure I am not saying anything new here, but in some… parting the veil way… it is new to me. That in itself is surprising to me as I have been Pagan for so many years. Perhaps I had embraced Polytheism mentally, but not yet emotionally… or perhaps intimately?

After all our relationships with the Gods are the most personal, most intimate, relationships we will have in our lifetimes. Looking at my own upbringing I can certainly see how I was not ready in my late teens and early twenties, for serious complex multi-level emotional relationships… especially with the Divine.

For now, I will continue to follow my heart, guided by my mind in my relations with the Gods.


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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