Honoring Heroes and Reinventing the Wheel…

Honoring Heroes

Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday was on Sunday the 13th.  In the mad rush of days with work and life I had not looked at my personal Calendar.  I have just now lit some incense in offering to his Spirit and memory, in thanks for the gifts he gave my country and in the hopes that he will continue to watch over us in this election year.

I can smell the Sandalwood as I type these words.  I contemplated offering some Rum or Wine… Wine would have been appropriate as he was a wine lover and oenologist, planting some of the first vineyards in the U.S.

Reinventing the Wheel…

 I mentioned my personal Calendar.  I am in the process of integrating The Wheel of the Year, my newfound relationship with the Gods of ancient Greece, and my passion for the Heroes and Gods of my Nation, into a coherent and practical practice as a modern Pagan living in Central Florida, U.S..

April includes the Full and New Moons, WRCF Moon Circle, WRCF Beltaine, Jefferson’s Birthday, and Earthday on the 22nd.

Reinventing the Wheel is actually a fascinating little excercise, although its taking a while because I am doing it in fits and starts, everyday life keeps rearing its mundane head.   Not that that’s entirely a bad thing though, it gives me time to contemplate some of the underlying themes of the Wheel and my own relationship with the Holy Days.  (you know… the Sabbats?!?)

 The standard meanings of the Wheel of the Year are suited to a climate where Winter is a factor, living in the sub-tropical wonderland that is Central Florida the actual Seasons are much different from those of Britain… where the Wheel originated.  It’s tough to relate to Imbolc as a time of beginings when its also the Citrus Harvest.  Or to relate to Winter Solstice’s traditional meanings when you are in a land where people look forward to the cool temperate Winter as a relief from the brutal Heat and Humidity of Summer.

Still, I am glad for the opportunity to re-examine the Wheel and contemplate its underlying meaning and message.  Sort of a ‘be here now’ approach to life and spirituality where you try to attune to the rythm’s of the world around you, wherever you may be.



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