Beltane celebrates fertility.  In ancient times this festivals celebrations were interwoven with many traditions relating to encouraging fertility in the fields and flocks and herds.  Strong themes of sensuality and sexuality are a part of the warp and weft of this Sabbat.    Within Witchcraft the union of the Goddess and God is intertwined with these themes.

Yet, what does Beltaine mean in a green and evergrowing land like Florida?  Bringing Summer in… what does that mean here?

Here in Central Florida it’s not like the flowers or fruits of the green and growing world are1 ever absent… Nature does go through it’s cycles and different fruits and flowers (and vegetables) have their own times of year and yet something is always blooming down here!  In Central Florida we are sub-tropical and two is the number of Seasons, not four.  A rainy season in the Summer/Autumn and a dry season in Winter/Spring. 

Summer brings challenges.  Withering heat and opressive humidity.  Hurricane season starts in another month or so.  Mosquitoes, Jellyfish, new generations of cockroaches, and Hammerhead Sharks are all creatures of summer down here.

And Yet, Summer brings blessings.  Cooling and quenching rainstorms each afternoon, bringing much needed water to a land left very thirsty from unthought out development and growth.  Hot evenings swimming in the pool.  Warm evening walks or time spent sitting on the porch swing sipping iced tea.  Time spent in the garden in the cool of late afternoon or early evening.

Beltaine is at the cusp of the changes from the Dry to the Rainy and we can celebrate the Rainy seasons return as the blessing of continued fertility on our peninsula.  Like anywhere else you give thanks for the blessings, accept the challenges, and, unlike elsewhere, you look forward to the cooling breath of winter.

Peace, and a Blessed Beltaine


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