Blessed, Blessed Month of May!

Summer is here!

The heat of the days and nights are slowly creeping up into the 90’s and the humidity will soon roll in off the Gulf and we in Central Florida will see what the Atlantic winds bring.  The pool has been cool and refreshing, as opposed to the brisk slap of cold that it was hovering around earlier in the year.  The Crape-myrtle has come to life and the Live-oaks have stopped dropping their leaves… mostly.  Birds fly about and ants and spiders have been making their appearances.  The gecko’s have learned to avoid the screened in patio as our cat has become a mighty hunter.


I find myself fantasizing about gardening and what I would do with our property, were it ours and not a rental.  Although I am debating the idea of (if the lease allows) putting in a vegetable garden.  Thoughts of the gardens of my childhood home dance with ideas I have read in books and some of the ideas I have gotten at some of the botanical gardens here in Florida…


Anchorage, Alaska, my childhood home, is known as (among other names) the City of Flowers because of the riotous enthusiasm Alaskans bring to their garden beds and planter boxes and baskets as Winter and Spring Break up let go and the short but spectacular growing season begins.  Here in Florida, well, as I’ve said there is always something in bloom… fruit and flower seem to my Alaskan attuned eyes to intermingle at whim.    There are rythms here, and slowly I am begining to attune to them and learn the Mysteries of Natures Rythms here in my new home.  The ebb and flow of the seasons and the tides of time and so many other secrets seem just around the corner.



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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