Blue Chakra Redux…

So, as I posted recently, I am trying to speak my mind and offer up my honest opinions rather than sitting and/or stewing in silence… among other things.



In speaking (or in this case e-mailing) my mind recently I have had the realization that I have some very strong ideas of how public rituals should be structured and how some Pagan community organizations should operate/interact with and within their communities.  These strong opinions are at a point where they almost obligate me to stand up and start doing… in the form of working on/with public rituals in my community and/or working on/with/within my local Pagan community.



I could back down, sit down and shut up.  Goddess knows it would be easier and less fraught with potential for drama and disappointment and frustration! 



It would not, however, be striving for my highest idealsdarn pesky things ideals!  They complicate things, and obligate us to move from the realm of thought to the realm of action.  Is this an “As Above, So Below.” moment?  I know, or more accurately I fear, that with action comes risk and uncertainty.  However with action one can also find resolution, completion.



Now … how to go about it?  Better question… how to follow through with these ideas and ideals whilst wrestling with my current career and family obligations?  Now, I realize that this question is something a whole lot of folks wrestle with, especially folks of faith who wish to be involved in their faith communities.  It’s still darn intimidating though, especially at the beginning.



One thing I know I need to do is to get my A.D.D-blessed-self a day-planner!  More organization certainly would not hurt!  Niether would it hurt to remember to communicate in openness and honesty (I can almost hear my dear friend Phoenix chiming in with “Don’t forget tact, Pax!”) with folks in my community, and with my friends from all over.  I have a lot of things I need to start doing in my life and juggling all of them is something I know I am capable of, even if it does seem or feel difficult.   


Funny though, I didn’t have as much trouble at school…  On the other hand, School was all about short term goals and I had to fit myself to the structure, which for A.D.D. blessed little old moi is easier than coming up with one on my own. 



Perhaps I should be meditating on Balance?  Casting spells for Prosperity?  Praying for Guidance?  Or D) All of the Above?!?



Well, at least my throat chakra seems to be flowing better…



A few thematic links…



7 Habits Article

~ I haven’t read the book yet, but I have found this handy article about the 7 Habits. 



FranklinCovey Planners

~ I will probably be starting at my local bookseller and maybe move up to FranklinCovey later, but this site has given me some inspiration for what I need in a personal organizer.



Time Management Guide (dot) Com

~ A whole lot of wisdom and ideas about time management.



Perfomance, Learning, Leadership, & Knowledge

~ A fascinating personal website of essays and articles

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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