An Ectstatic dipping of my toeses in gnosis

Have you ever taken some time to dance in a rainstorm?

The touch of the racing zephyr’s on my body, the pinpricks of cool cleansing invigorating rain on my flesh.  Swaying with the breezes and letting my hands and arms move with and through them, not entirely trusting my footwork or footing.  I find myself humming and muttering fragments of unknown song in salutation to the Wind, the Water, and the Divine.

I have a few days between the (sort of) end of one job, the definite end of one phase in my life, and the start of a new one.   So I am at home in an ongoing rain.  The rain is the touch of and after effects of a tropical storm that has been fairly mild in my area of Florida… others got hit harder I hear but where I am it’s just a fed days of ongoing rain of light to medium intensity and not that much in the way of wind.

Wind and Water dancing across the peninsula.  I dance with them, and Them.  Stretching muscles both physical and metaphysical that I haven’t worked out with in far too long.  Opening to the power of the rain, the flow of wind and water and a literal flood of life and energy.  I feel as on some level like I used to when first turning my face to the February sun after a long Alaskan Winter.

Renewed, Reinvigorated, Reborn.

Believing, knowing, that the Gods are a part of every atom and cell of creation means that this rain has a touch of the primal divine within it.  So I threw on a bathing suit and went outside and dance in the rain a while.  Not for long, partly because without music it is difficult to keep dancing…. although now I find pieces of poem and song wandering through my mind… perhaps I shall pursue them and write later.

Opening, like a flower

Unfolding like a story,

Where do I end, where does the rain begin?

I am trying to reopen and renew my spiritual and religious life.  I have performed ritual and poured libations and prayed, and now danced.  What I really need is discussion and fellowship with some of my fellow Pagans, and others.  I have always found myself learning more of my own understanding of, and relationship with, the Gods by discussing with others their own understanding, relationship, and beliefs.   A part of me hungers for that.  A part of me has also hungered for… renewal, or perhaps release?  As much as I like to encourage others to do things that genuinely feed their souls, creative and sustaining things rather than things that just amuse and kill time, I have not been doing it.

Sluicing the raindrops off of me, feeling for one brief moment more genuinely alive than I have in many a day.  I reflect on the presence of Wind and Water in my life in Florida, Intuition and Healing, Inspiration and Transformation.  Speaking to myself in tongues, I dance.

Stepping outside of ones ordinary self and routine can be a powerful magick.  If you open to the experience, and use some common sense, such moments can help to teach and transform us.  It has helped me to rekindle a spark of creativity of imagination and gnosis I have lacked.  There is something powerful in dancing with the elements of wind and water as they do their thing.  A sense of inspiration and renewal and healing as you honor the elements themselves and the Divine in nature.


I know that some cynical folks might say… “yeah Pax, it’s called adrenalin!”

For me it is a moment of Magic, of Gnosis, and of Joy.  I hope that each of you has an opportunity to find your own moments in your lives, and if you do… please share them with me in the comments of this blog!



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