Samhaintide: 2008

I find myself feeling more creative, and like I am capable of a lot more than I am currently doing in many aspects of my life.  Some of this I attribute to coming out of the Summer doldrums and into the cooler and more invigorating weather of Winter.   (Subtropical Florida being here)

I also attribute some of this to Samhaintide.  It seems as if I feel a rising tide of magic, or perhaps I feel some of the walls of the worlds growing thin.  Some of this tidal pull is purely internal my sense of one of the holy days of Witchcraft approaching.  I think, in part, because whatever else changes with having moved to a subtropical climate, there is still an air of mystery and magic and strangeness and charm about Samhain.  Even in all the gory blood soaked haunted houses of some of the local theme parks, there is still that subtle edge of limnality to Samhain, or Halloween as they call it.

It is as if Mabon and the Equinox were the opening of a starting gate to … something new for me.  Parhaps Samhain is to be the starting bell?  It is well past time I dug out my Tarot cards and applied myself to them, and perhaps to some other scryings as well; and other prayers and offerings and libations and magics as well.

I mentioned feeling more creative.  I have had a lot of literary ideas bubbling up recently.  It also feels as if what little Hunters instict I have has finally come to bear on my job hunt.  II think this is part of why Mabon felt like Spring to me this year, it was the begining of a break up of some frozen lake within the wates of my stream of consciousness.  The cool nights have returned and window are opened once more, and sometimes doors; both physical and metaphysical, internal and external.

I made offerings to my personal Goddesses and Gods a couple of weeks ago.  Incense to Hecate and Dionysus, and a Libation to the Lady and Lord of Witchcraft.  In the direct experience of them they are different, but in my own minds meanderings I sometimes have trouble putting them into discrete mental boxes.  I wonder if other polytheists have this sort of problem?



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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