A random thought on the gifts of giving this Samhain Season

I took part in a public moon circle last year where we were supposed to banish qualities we were done with in our lives and do magic to bring qualities of thought or personality we were ready for in our lives to fruition.

But ,really, isn’t that just what seemingly every. single. blessed. Pagan open Event,  Circle or Sabbat working or rite seems to end up being about?!.

Now I now that the above scenario doesn’t describe recon Pagan workings, or a variety of Witchcraft Trad workings, but the whole pushing something bad and pulling something good working as a focal point of the right seems to be a dominant theme in open events in the Pagan community.

I’d love to put together a public rite someday where the participants write down things that they love doing, creative and fulfilling things, and burn the pieces of paper offering their next such project to the Goddess and God.

That is it.   No asking for anything in return, just giving, sharing, a treasured part of oneself with the Divine.  No asking or bargaining, just giving a little bit of the best of ourselves to Them.  Maybe then the Pagan community could start looking at one another with more of a community minded eye…

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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