Why aren’t more Pagans speaking out for GLBT rights?

Now I realize that I can hardly have viewed the entirety of the Pagan blogosphere or news stories related to Paganism… yet it seems to me that except for a few blog posts there hasn’t been a lot of discussion in the Pagan world of GLBT rights and the whole Gay Marriage issue.

There have been a few personal posts, excellent ones, but where are the statements from some of our national organizations and Churches and Groves and Hearths and Friths?  As far as I can tell CoG is one of the only National Pagan organizations to speak out in favor of Gay Marriage.

Hrafnkell at A Heathen’s Day blog recently posted an excellent and detailed refutation of an anti-GLBT rights article.  It is one of the few detailed examples I have seen from Pagan Bloggers writing to refute the absurdist arguments put forth by the Fundamentalist Right.

Is it fear of speaking up or we’ll be next?  Cause we are already next on the hit-list of the Fundamentalist Right, have no doubts about that!

Perhaps we of the Pagan community are working in other ways, as members of other communities and through political rather than religious community.  I’d like to believe that…





In the spirit of synchronicity, I post this post and then Jason over at The Wild Hunt, posts an excellent article on how the current debate on GLBT Rights and Gay Marriage completely ignores points of view outside of the Christian so-called mainstream.

I was also rather neglectful in not mentioning Tracie the Red’s own recent blog posting of video of the John Stewart/Mike Huckabee discussion about Gay Marriage.

Sorry about that Tracie!

Peace and more later kids!


4 thoughts on “Why aren’t more Pagans speaking out for GLBT rights?

  1. Well, there are some among the Heathen or Asatru crowd who do not have liberal views on homosexuality at all; do not assume that just because someone is some stripe of pagan that they are a liberal or have what we’d call “liberal views” on such things. Google the word “ergi” and you’ll see what I mean.

    Not only that, but supposedly Gerald Gardner himself excluded homosexuals from Wiccan practice; he was a strong believer in the heterosexual polarity, at least in theory. There might be some real “old-school” Wiccans out there who hold the same idea as he, for all we know. Naturally, they’re not going to be very “out” about it now, are they?

    1. Pax

      Well Tracie,

      Your points are well made and well taken. My thing is though is that there are plenty of Pagans from various faiths, who have no problem whatsoever with Homosexuality. Why aren’t they speaking out?

      I am especially surprised that more Heathens and Asatru who are supportive of GLBT rights and marriage haven’t spoken up… heck Heathens are one of the more irrepressible branches of Pagandom!


  2. The Green Witch

    I have to agree. I posted this
    because it struck me that there isn’t much spirited commentary on the subject from the pagan community. And while I take Tracie’s point on board, I still think we could do a lot more. Aside from the issues of sexuality it comes down to the marginalisation of a group who are ‘different’ but who still participate and live their lives and represent a full cross-section of society, just like paganism does. The parallels seem striking to me!



  3. LGBT rights are one of my top rants 🙂 Also Cat at QuakerPagan Reflections has posted a lot on that topic.

    Also, to the first poster: Old Gerald is dead, and has been for some time, and Wicca has moved on. He himself said, take the bits you like and leavethe bits you don’t. We didn’t like the homophobic bits, so we left them behind a long time ago. All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals.

    Also, Pax, check out the Sexuality page on the Pagan Theologies wiki for a whole bunch of links to LGBT Pagan stuff.

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