A few notes to my self and the Universe…

A few very busy days of work going on.  I sit, happily stuffed with a hearty Christmas Ham dinner cooked by The Big Guy.  Ham with a Dijon mustard and peppercorn glaze, some simple green bean/onion/mushroom soup casserole, and his famous corn bread pudding!  ~burp~

“Pardon Me!”

I am feeling, in this lag between my spiritual, and the calendarical, new years a bit of creative spark… am trying to do something productive with that, and some kind soul has been reading my blog and posting me to the Metapagan feed.  Thanks kind soul!!

It is nice for me to know that folks like some of the things I say/think/write here.  If you do feel free to drop a comment!

I have been adding and tweaking the site here and there.  Adding articles and pages and adding links to the links page… I really need to work on the reading page at some point… there are a lot of books I’ve read and learned from that, while I don’t have them with me at the moment, I can list and heartily recommend.

Anyway, just a few rambling notes and thoughts.  Trying to post regularly right now, because it feels like I should be.  Not in a guilt sense, but more in the sense of that inner nudge from the Divine saying …

“Do this, it feeds your soul!”

…So I am trying to follow that rather than squash it or ignore it or tell myself some self-defeating mantra born of years of insecurity or fear.

I recently joined the ranks of folks contributing to the Metapagan feed, by the by.  I am enjoying sharing the delightful gems of writing I find in my wanderings of the Internet with my fellow Pagani, strangers thought they may be.

So anyway, it’s about time for me to pass out.

Have a beautiful Christmas, a Blessed Solstice, and a Fabulous New Year!


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