Thoughts on Reinventing the Wheel

So I was surfing the blogs as is my wont in my free time, and came across this from Sia, which in turn led me to this from Hecate, which in turn led me to spend an hour working on my 2009 Calendar.

I still need to add several important Birthdays, but other than that the Holidays and Holy days and Esbats and Sabbats are marked out, or noted and I am that much readier to deal with the coming year!

Sadly I cannot seem to post the tables I’ve created my calendars out of in Word to the blog or I would share some of my handywork…  I will probably update this post tomorrow and go into some details about creating your own calendar…

Anyhow I hope you all take some time to work a little organizational magic this Yuletide!



3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Reinventing the Wheel

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