A plea for less spellwork…

Hello folks,

So I went to that open moon circle sponsored by WRCF that I mentioned a couple of days ago.  It was a lovely night.  A good Circle, if small in attendance, and I got the chance to heal a misunderstanding with someone in my local community; so I can truly say that I was blessed that night.  Lord Luminhawke did an excellent job Priesting the Circle and I had a really nice time.

It’s just,… well, I have this pet peeve….

There was a spell working as part of the Circle.  I have nothing agianst spell working, necesarilly.   It’s just that my take on Circles is that Personal Magic or Spell work in the Esbat Circle is that it should be for need, not a required part of the service, as it seems to be so often when I attend an Open Moon Circle or Sabbat wherever I go.

Shouldn’t it be magic enough that we come together in religious fellowship seeking, and achieving, in ritual a moment of gnosis through united prayer and offerings and communion? Must we always have spell-work at open ebats and sabbats?

Of course, maybe this is just me.  I’m sure it doesn’t help my attitude that it seems like the ‘write things you want, or want to get rid of, and we will burn it’ spell form is the required spell for open Esbats and Sabbats.

As I said, this is a pet peeve of mine.  Lord Luminhawke did a great job with the Circle and also did something that impressed the heck out of me…

See, Luminhawke is one of the folks who has vollunteered to host the Open Moon Circles for WRCF.   He mentioned to those attending that he would be willing to help them consecrate any tools that they may feel the need for help with, anytime he is priesting the Open Moon Circle.  That just seemed especially classy and decent to me!

Anyway, Peace,


Stream of Consciousness… Blame Sannion!

So I have recently sent out an e-mail requesting feed back and advice on this blog and its affilliated pages.

Hello folks,

I am sending this to some of my dear friends and friendly
acquaintances, and a couple of cool past correspondents,  in the hopes
of getting some advice on my site…


My blog is evolving into a combination of spiritual journal and online resource.  I am trying to build my site into a useful resource for folks new to the Pagan and metaphysical community.  I would be very grateful if you could take some time to look at the blog and the pages of the site and let me know what you think.  I am particularly interested in any additions you could suggest to the ‘Links!’ page.

Thank you, and Peace,

Sannion, of Neos Alexandria and Sannion’s Sanctuary, comes back at me with the following…

“You’ve got a really great site there.  I’d love to see focus on more personal material.  What do you do, what do you think about specific matters, what does it *feel* like to live your faith on a daily basis.  So many others cover the history or the specifics, but people need to know what it’s like from the inside out, ya know?”  ~Sannion (C) 2008 quoted w/ permission

Which I think is, perhaps, one of the more motivating and fabulous writing prompts I’ve ever seen!   (Thanks, man!)

Back to the advice..  I am debating whether to add it as a quote on the sidebar… I worry folks would think it publicity and not a blogging prompt…  Anyhow, I was moved to do some stream of consciousness writing… and then was distracted by the fabulous Kym Dragon… but here’s what poured out…


My first thought on how it *feels* to live my faith everyday is a sensory memory of how, when I sometimes feel moved to pray to the Gods, or to simply Center and Ground, everything will seem visually brighter and clearer.  The shapes seem sharper, the colors more vivid.


I tend to be a fairly wordy, mental person.  Not that I can’t get emotional, Goddess knows I can, but I tend to keep it in.  I think I have trouble sharing my feelings and experiences sometimes because of the feeling I had growing up that my feelings and experiences and thoughts weren’t seen as being as valid as those of my father or brother…

…WOW… Issues anyone?!?

(Let’s hear it folks for stream of consciousness writing and the sudden facing of one’s own buried interpersonal s***!!) ~applause!~


I was inspired, recently, to modify my way of praying.  I blame Pagan Meghan.  She spoke, in her fabulous rant on the Pagan TV Religious Literacy episode, about being inspired to add kissing her hands when she catches sight of the Sun or the Moon by something she read in the bible.

This burbled to my consciousness as I was making my regular offering of incense to the Divine…..

So… uh, yeah, blame Sannion.

So it’s the Full Moon…

I close my eyes and open my heart

And I pray, pray, pray.

I raise my hands and I raise my voice

And I pray, pray, pray.

Lady, shine, shine down on me.

Lord, walk, walk away with me.

As I walk this journey

Through the mystery

I raise my voice and I kiss my hands,

And I pray, pray, pray.

~Pax 2008(C)

Solstice collors on the Crepe Myrtle
Solstice collors on the Crepe Myrtle

The temperatures have been chilly and wintery, for Central Florida anyway, with days in the 60’s and 50’s and chillier nights.  The Crepe Myrtle in the front yard is almost asleep, only a few leaves, green and gold and scarlet, clinging to its uppermost branch tips.  Counterballanced by the Live Oaks, which have shed all the leaves they care to, thank-you-very-much, and are rustling in the breeze.

Tonight there is an open Moon Circle that Tracie The Red has suggested I attend.  I am going to.

I have run hot and cold about being involved in the Pagan community down here.  Cold lately but I’m warming up again.

Lots of reasons, but I think the biggest one is that I just haven’t ended up getting out and making any friends of my own since moving down here.  I need to work on that!  I’ve made a couple of friends down here or but not close see you every week and hang out friends.   Mostly, I’ve made friends with Gene’s friends and that strange relationship alchemy of his friends becoming our friends has occurred.  Yet I miss having some close, close peeps of my own!

Anyhow I must soon be off…



I’d like to think I am another, budding, Gospel Pagan!

Notes from a Pagan Evangelical 12/10/2008

Now, in some ways I don’t feel like I am a very good Gospel Pagan.  I have a tough time accessing that Spirit filled part of myself that Sara, and some of the best Pagan authors and bloggers out there, seem to be able to write from so blessed easily.

This has been getting easier, recently, as I have been working on this site and building up some of the pages and contemplating things like my daily practice and my relationship with the Deities.  In some cases though I still feel more like a pallid imitation of folks like Sara Sutterfield Winn, and Diane Sylvan, and Sannion, and Phyllis Currot, and Evn, and Sia, and Pagan Mehgan and Markys ny Deseret; more like an imitator rather than a Spirit filled Pagan writer.

Then, every once in a while, some kind soul will post a comment, or nominate me for the Meta-Pagan feed, or e-mail me a note.  Then will I know that some magic has happened.

Other times I will feel the magic and the Spirit come upon me, it will be a sudden burst of inspiration; although as I write more about my Witchcraft and Faith and Spirituality, recently, I have begun to find some small somewhat consistent stream of Inspiration and Spirit.

Like that moment in Spring when the drip, drip, drip of the icicles and snow becomes more of a steady stream, not unlike a barely open faucet slowly blossoming with The Sun’s love into something new and wonderful.  In those moments some small wonderful thing begins to happen.

When I participate in or write of the Gifts of Giving, about making my offerings of incense to the Gods, or when I pour my libations and I feel touched and embraced by my nearest and dearest Deities.   It’s happening.  When I cast Circle and honor the Esbats or Sabbats of Witchcraft, it happens.  When I talk or write about establishing a Loving and Stable relationship with The Lady and Lord of Witchcraft ~ or of my budding relationships with Hecate and Dionysus, its there too.  When I seek to speak or write or live the gospel truth of my Pagan self seeking, not to convert, but to simply share the joy and wonder The Good News of my own Pagan experience, in those moments I am most true to the Gods, and to my self, as a Pagan and as an Evangelical.

In praise of Religious Literacy, our own and others…

And some praise for Pagan TV!

So I was wandering around the Internet today and was lurking around the now infamous YouTube… and found Pagan TV.  There are some very good episodes there, and I found their Religious Literacy episode particularly evocative and inspiring!

In the Pilot episode our primary hostess Pagan Meghan talks about the reasons she and her cohorts have been inspired to create this channel.  One of them is their own quest to find out where the tech savy pagans were and why they weren’t broadcasting to the Pagan world… sadly having done a little more searching I would say because not all Pagans on Youtube or the Internet  are as religiously literate as Pagan Meghan.

Pagan TV’s Religious Literacy episode should be required watching for any and all potential Pagans!

Religious Literacy within ones own faith is important, as a Pagan religious literacy in other peoples faiths is essential!  As a Witch who believes that Yaweh (as Jesus’ Dad is known in some hymns and circles) , while not my God, is still a God and worthy of a certain amount of respect.  Almost every form of Paganism accepts the fact that our Gods, and the Gods of all other faiths, are real!

Just because your neighbor’s faith and God or Gods are not your own, does not mean that you should be disrespectful of them.  To be respectful, you need to have some basic knowledge, and that is a wonderful and important message to see being spread in our community!

To that end I would like to highlight a couple of items from the ‘links!’ page…

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

A large religious web site which promotes religious freedom, tolerance and diversity as positive cultural values.  Quite simply the BEST source for information on a religion or on a religion related issue!

Religion Facts

Another site providing facts and information about the worlds religions

So the next time you hear a radio commentator talking about the Pentecostal response to a particular issue, or you hearon the news about the Jains in India or there’s footage of a ritual in Japan at a Shinto shrine… you can go here and find out what’s going on.



Sedentary, yet undeniably invigorated and alive!

So as I am working on this site, today, I am also thinking about my daily spiritual practices and my relationship with the Lady and Lord of Witchcraft, as well as with Hecate, and Dionysus, and the rest of the Universe…

I started this blog as a spiritual journal, with the hope that it might also be of use to other Pagans in their own spiritual journeys.   It is the only such spiritual journal I have been able to keep up, for whatever reason.  This is no small blessing as I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about myself and my relationship with the Gods by keeping this little blog of mine…

Thanks, oh Powers and Principalities!!

I am feeling very centered and wonderful as I write a piece about different ways of relating to the Gods and of the Gifts of Giving, that strange paradox where by making even a simple sacrifice of incense or pouring a libation of water or wine, you are touched by the presence or remembrance of the Divine…

So many strange little Mysteries on the Pagan path.  So many things that our community lets sepparate us when there are so many wonderful things that unify us, so many minor mysteries that we share on our journeys.

Revel in the sharing my dear Pagans, enjoy yourselves and the simple pleasures and have a beautiful Yuletide!



The Journey goes on…

So I have been working on this site, adding links, and adding some new pages here and there, one of which is published if in continual progress.  The new page of this site is one on Daily Spiritual Practices.  An important topic and one that I can tell I needed some more reminders of.  Perhaps I should do like T. Thorn Coyle and regularly change my daily practices so they do not become routine?

On the other hand, while changing it up would help me remain mindful of my daily practice, as one blessed with ADHD routine… or at least structure, can very much be my friend…hmm… time to think on this I think!

I have also been working on an article I am hoping to sell for publication.

I am also now engaged in a permanent part-time position (hooray!) which in the theme park world is a lot better than being a seasonal employee.  Money is still desperately tight, but then I am not alone in that this Solsticetide Season.

Sunday will bring with it the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and an opportunity to honor some of The U.S. fallen heroes, and those who currently stand guard over our freedoms.  While I may disagree with how we got into one of the Wars we are in, I will never hesitate to honor those who serve in the armed forces.

The Full Moon follows next week, with an opportunity to observe some aspects of my own personal Solstice observances.  Which I also need to think about in the near future.

Off to think and to bed!

Peace, and Blessed Be!


On The Road: One Witches Thanksgiving Journey

A Bit of Autumnal Color on the Louisianna Border
A Bit of Autumnal Color on the Louisiana Border

The Big Guy, and I have returned from our road trip to central Texas to visit some of his family.  It was a good trip and a good holiday spent with some nice folks.  I even was able to make some time quite late Thanksgiving night pouring a little Libation of water to the Lady and Lord, and to Dionysus and Hecate, underneath the glorious night skies of Texas.

For the record, the stars do shine bright deep in the heart of Texas!

I poured a simple libation of water and thanked the Divine for the blessings in my life.  For the feast we had shared and those I had shared it with.  For the Big Guy, and for his family, and for my family and friends.  It was a simple but wonderful moment of gnosis with Them as I said my simple thank yous to Them.  It was a great moment, and one of many little lessons kind of moments on this trip.

See, on the way down we had had some trouble with The Big Guy’s truck.  Thus we not only decided to head back a little early (Friday afternoon) we also decided to take some of the U.S. and State Highways rather than the Interstates.  Less traffic and lower speeds were the main selling point for us given the kind of coughing slow down sputtering fit that the Truck was occassionally throwing.

(although given the fact that since we got back to the Orlando area we haven’t had a peep out of it, indeed even the check engine light has gone back out, we think the truck may have just been homesick!)

But while I missed the access to those touristy rest-stop/welcome-centers that you see at the State borders off of the Interstates (Hello, my name is Pax and I am a minor league pamphlet-aholic); we both quite enjoyed the scenery and the chance to actually see some of the States we were driving through.  The wetlands around New Orleans, the dozens of wooden pier legs that had had houses on them once upon a time, small town street lights decorated for the Holidays, stretches of woods where you can just about smell the Gulf, or those little momentarilly deserted resort beach towns where you hear the surf pounding just outside of the Circle of your headlights.  The small and large towns along the Gulf Coasts of Louisiana, and Mississippi, and Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle; where folks have faced so much in the last few years and yet life is still going on.   All the colorful, and couragous, little pieces of this great big beautiful patchwork country of ous!

I was reminded, at one point, of Jack Kerouac‘s mind blowing On The Road, and The Big Guy and I talked about this book and how it helped change a generations view of travel into one where the journey is as at least important as the destination.

The Journey, itself is important…

Not too alien an idea for someone who sees his identity as a Witch as an ongoing journey of growth and transformation and learning!  I am still letting certain parts of this journey percolate in my mind and heart.

I hope each of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving (those in the U.S.) and that the Soltice-tide finds you well!

Holiday Must-Links Meme 2008

(and a brief update)

Hello folks,

I have returned from the Great Holiday Road Trip of 2008 and am recovering nicely, nothing horrible ~ just the opposite in fact~ but I am exhausted and taking a day off from the job hunt.  I will am working on a post about the trip and some of its delightful relevations.  I have also spent some more time working on the “Links!” page of this little blog of mine.

I am issueing a fromal call for reccomendations and ideas for categories and links I should add to my blog.


And welcome to the Chrysalis Must-Link’s Holiday Meme 2008! Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, will be…

1. Surf to Chrysalis, One Witches Journey


2. Click on the ‘Links!’ button in the Pages in the Book of Leaves box in the upper right hand corner.

3. Poke around there briefly

4. In both the comments section of your blog where this message was posted, and in the comments section of the Chrysalis Links page, leave a list of 3 must-link links for the list, and 3 people you are tagging.

I am tagging Deborah Lipp, Oak, Executive Pagan, Dianne Sylvan, and Sannion!