Building a better blog…

So I have been looking at ways of improving this little blog of mine. Experimenting with different things, free things that is. I am the poor that political candidates like to talk about.

Three free resources I’ve found that I rather like are…

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

~So far I am studying HTML mark-ups and how they work, I have already figured out a few things that could add some style and functionality to the site.  It’s also interesting to begin to understand how my WordPress actually is doing some of this work for me and ways I can do it on my own.

30 Days to Being a Better Blogger

~This is a Wiki of the original articles from Steve Dembo’s Teach42 site, an education and technology blog with a lot of interesting articles.

Artisteer WordPress Theme and Website Template Generator

~I recently discovered this one, I have yet to download the free-trial-version because I worry that I wouldn’t be able to use it in conjuction with my blog…  But I rather like the idea of being able to create my own theme to express myself and to combine the feature I most enjoy into one blog.

In other blog/geekery news I’ve added some buttons to the sidebar- even creating one for The Wile Hunt.

I also went through and uploaded copies of all the button images to my wordpress account and sourced those images instead of sourcing the images at their original locales!

So that’s the computer geekery I’ve been playing with today.



3 thoughts on “Building a better blog…

  1. I put together a tutorial for creating a web template a couple of years ago, using css and xhtml (or html) mark up.

    somehow I deleted the introduction about using the correct doctype, but that info can be found at A List Apart: Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE!

    There is also another helpful css tutorial written by Christian Montoya.

    As far as script languages go, I’ve never been able to get the hang of them. I spent month learning the basics of Javascript, but I don’t really have the aptitude for it.

    WordPress uses php. Again I suck at php as well, but I learned a great deal using the WordPress Codex: Stepping Into Template Tags.

    I think you’ll need to host your own WordPress blog to actually change the template tags (although I think you can change the css if you are willing to pay for it).

    Anyway. Have fun learning html/css. It’s pretty simple stuff once you get into it.

  2. Pax


    Thanks for the tips and links, I’ve added the links to my new Computer Geekery category in my Links and am going to be working on things.

    I had actually been thinking that I will need to find hosting if I am to make this site everything I’d like to see it become. That takes money though… I am working on that too but for right now I am happy to be expanding my knowledge base…


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