The Horned God

When I first came to my study and practice of Witchcraft I tried many different energy visualizations and meditation techniques… of course like the Raven Minded (“oooh!  Shiny!!!”)  A.D.D. blessed kid that I was I didn’t think to keep much in the way of notes or to stick with some of them

One day though I was sitting before a makeshift altar and centering and grounding and an image leaped into my fore brain, a bolt from the blue….

The image was of myself sitting cross-legged, Indian-style as they still used to say when I started school, with an image of Cernunos super-imposed/interwoven with my own.  His/my hooves extending some roots into the soil… the base of His spine also extending roots into the ground that intertwined with the roots of the great tree He/I leaned against.  One hand turned downward, cupped over His/my knee, the other held open and relaxed facing up.  Our Antlers weaving between the branches of the tree, rattling amongst them slightly as We moved Our head.

Then it was gone…

For years I invoked the memory of that moment as my primary grounding and centering key.  I also used it any time I wanted to quickly ‘plug-in’ to the magickal side of things.

It’s been years since I did a lot of energy work… I stumbled off the path and away from more than a few important parts of myself for a few years there.

I was worried for a while that I had completely lost touch with or somehow offended Cernunos/Herne/Him the God of the Witches to whom I pledged myself so long ago… when I recently made room in my heart and life for Hecate and Dionysus.*

With this change in my metaphysical world/landscape things changed.  I turned my thoughts to grounding, and I was.  I would start to form the desire to touch magick… and I was.  It was at once new and exciting and unnerving and strange.

That effect has settled down now, I think I was adjusting to new lines of relationship and connection to these new (to me) Gods.

Anyhow, I have felt the lightest of touches from The Horned God recently as I meditate once again on the image He gifted me with so long ago!


*  (…I know, I know, dualities… but as one blessed with A.D.D. who grew up in a really dysfunctional family there are many parts of my soul that crave ballance.  Dealing with the Divine in singles or pairs is part of how I do that, I guess…)

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