Questions of Community and Identity

So Wild Hunt has reached some sort of critical mass and has birthed a discussion of Pagan Identity and the nature of Pagan Community all over the internet!  The recent pieces on Wild Hunt and on MetaPagan will help you to start getting caught up if you haven’t already been following this.

For myself I care about, and crave, community.  I try to be involved, something I find difficult due to my work and financial situation right now.  This discussion of community and identity has hit me hard, knocked the wind out of me.  I have read people I admire for their work in the community admitting to the same sort of frustrations and vexations with their work in building community that I myself faced in Anchorage during my first efforts at community building a decade or so ago!

I also read of folks whose intelligent and thoughtful examinations of the ethical and moral nature of Paganism is dismissed as not magical or not spiritual enough.

There are a lot of things I can’t do anything about.  In this case, I can try.  I will repeat something here that I posted in one of the blogs I commented on recently…

“Given that so many of us care about this issue, aren’t we a community? Can’t we take this caring and passion and use it to move towards the goals of improving our movement, helping it blossom into community?”

So here is what I can offer someplace to talk and rant and discuss…

“This is a list for anyone involved in work within their local Pagan Community. It is a place to share ideas, and stories, information and inspiration, and to take part in an online community of like-minded and experienced individuals.

Hopefully this will become a place where people who want to do work building and strengthening our Pagan Communities can come for advice, ideas, and inspiration. A place where those who have done Community work in the past can come to share experience and war stories (grin).”

I welcome anyone interested in discussing this to come join me there!



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