I can has website now?

So I have added an index, linked to the topic headings, to the Links page.   It took a couple of lines of HTML… repeated several times, and about an hour to do… but I did it!!  It’s a small thing, really, but I couldn’t be prouder if I was a 5-year-old with a macaroni picture for the front of the fridge!!

In other news…

I am working on my Invoking the Pagan Dollar piece again, having been jump started by my recent post of the same title, feels good to have those words and ideas finally flowing I’ve been thinking about the issue for months now!

We had a cloudy, overcast morning, that has just burst into one of those fabulous tropical rainstorms that I rather love!  Rain doesn’t fall that intently or dramaticaly in Anchorage that often… you get some good rainstorms, occassionally; it really seems to me that Air and Water are a LOT more frisky and theatrical her in the sub-tropics than back in my former sub-arctic stomping ground.

I’m going to go drink some more coffee, watch and listen to the rain and enjoy my day off…



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