Signs of hope

There have been a lot of discussions about Pagan community floating around the net recently… the good news is that we have one. Not, perhaps a conventional one, but we have one!

As was noted at The Wild Hunt on Jan. 2nd, Pagan musician S. J. Tucker was recently hospitalized with severe abdominal pain, doctors believe it may be appendicitis but are still performing tests.

The call went out on the Wild Hunt and throughout the Net.  Facebook and Livejournal groups were created, CD’s were put on a special sale price to encourage vollume sales for fundraising, and Artists in and friendly to the Pagan community and Ms. Tucker came together to create a special fundraising book of art and stories that includes the work of some major artists!  (the book doesn’t go on sale until February 22nd or so, so order your copy now!)

The great news in all this was reported recently on Facebook…

These numbers are -slightly- out of date, but they’re exciting.

In the first week of the Give a Healthy Dose of Sooj fundraiser, we have managed to raise:

Album Sales: $4,253.77
Downloads: $958.38
Donations: $8,858.42
Subscriptions: $93.90

Total $14,164.47

That, my friends, is what we have done in 7 days.

We are more than half-way to twenty-five thousand dollars.

We are almost half-way to our theoretical upper cost of thirty thousand dollars.

All of this in less than a week!
How fabulous is that?



One thought on “Signs of hope

  1. I know the first thing I did when I heard was head on over and do something (bought an album), then created a podcast episode to encourage everyone else to do something. I think we are a community, and I think numbers like these prove it.

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