Immersed in community

So that pretty much describes how I’ve spent this week-end.  Starting a new project in the community, and commiting to myself to restart an old one.

Reading and writing and posting in the Pagan blogoshpere… hearing from some friends and making some new ones.

Writing and contemplating… neglecting some of my other projects and plans for the week-end truth be told.

But its been nice.  A lot of writing…ages…AGES… since I’ve done so much writing.   Also wrestling with HTML here at Chrysalis and a bit at the Pagan Collegium has helped me to learn a little bit more of that arcane language…

Huh, maybe for art everyday month I could do a collage using Theban letters and HTML syntax???

I wrote and submitted an article version of my post on Invoking the Power of the Pagan Dollar… hope it gets published… if not I will look around for somewhere else to publish it…

I also commited acts of ritual three times in the last three days…


I am tired after work and feeling a touch feverish.  Under the mistaked impression that the 9th was the night of the Full Moon, and wishing, to do SOMETHING to honor it… I find a glass goblet in the cupboard and pour some filtered water into it.

I go outside into the glorious moonlight.

A cloudless sky and the Moon’s light reflects on the water and the curved bottom of the goblet as I bless and consecrate the liquid.  The effect is as if I have a pale and luminescent liquid silver in the cup.

I call the Lady and Lord and pour the water out in honor of them…

I feel good for having done it, but there is no… moment.

Some of you may be surprised to see me say that, sometimes I am sure my writing makes folks thinks that I live every other moment in the magickal and theistic zone.  Goddess knows I try, but sometimes not so much.

The important thing in those moments is to just accept and move on…

“Never, Never, Never give up!”


Not a bad mantra… anyways, I went to bed and had some trouble falling asleep as the Moon was rather like a kleig light shining throughout the windows of the house.


Realizing that this, rather than the day before, was the day of the full moon… and feeling a bit better for having slept for a ridiculous number of hours the night before… once I did get to bed.  THIS was the day I was going to try again…

Once again the Full Moon was almost ridiculously bright.  I didn’t try it but I am pretty sure I could have read a book it was so bright!  I thought about bringing out my Tarot cards at one point.

I set up an impromptu altar with my Athame, and Tibetan Bells, and challice, and a pitcher, and bowl and incense burner etc…

I blessed the incense as a creature of Earth and Air, and the incense in the same manner… using a mix of Copal and Frankincense and Myrrh it makes sense to me to do so…

I spoke a few simple words declaring the space blessed and sacred and rang the Tibetan Bells to seal the deal.  (the kind that look like really fat little cymbals on a string?)

I blessed and consecrated the water pouring some into my challice.

I turned to the North and called to the God of the Witches, the Lord of the Hunt, the Lord of the Forests and Fields, Wise Youth and Wild Man who is the two-fold God and Guardian of the Gates.

I turned to the East and called to the Goddess of the Witches, The Three-fold Goddess, the Lady of the Fields and Forests who is the Maiden of Promise, the Mother of the Mysteries, and the Ancient Wise One of the Night

They came… not dramatically so, but I had their friendly and gentle attention.

I made offerings of blessed and pure water and of incense unto them.

Thanked them in my heart and rang the bells once more.

… later I thought about it and performed the symbolic rite with Athame and Challice…

… I need to do some meditating and thought on that, I am feeling at once ambivalent and drawn once more to that magick and its symbolism…

of course I am feeling drawn to a more formal level of Witchcraft and practice once more too!


In response to something I’d read I wrote the Prayer for a Lady and her dogs, and under a less gloriously full moon I prayed and made offerings of incense to She to whom that prayer is addressed.

All in all, a busy weekend

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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