Feeling Imbolc early…

Imbolc is, for me, about beginings and new things and creativity… I will be going on about that later though… today I want to write of Change and Hope and connecting them once more to my own government… I want to write of feeling an actual sense of pride and ownership in my nations governement…

I believe, again!  I believe that my nation can live up to its highest ideals as outlined in the U.S. Constitution!  I was up late last night, and shortly after midnight a line of rainstorms and wind blew through West Central Florida… it was difficult not to read some symbolism into that… the Winds of Change, the Cool Cleansing and Healing Waters…

A few short months ago my beloved partner and I spoke, seriously, about the idea of emigrating to another country should McCain / Palin won the Whitehouse.  I know that sounds rather dramatic, but it is the simple unvarnished truth… I would not have felt safe as a citizen, as a Pagan, as a gay man, or as a Democat in a McCain/Palin United States.

Then Obama won.

Today we made it official.

A peaceful and democratic transfer of power… it’s a phrase that’s fallen from a lot of lips today, but it’s an important one because it is not as common a thing in this world as we could hope for.

We have a new administration… with a new attitude about openness and transparency and Citizen participation; this will require the best of us.

I am encouraged by what I find at the new White House Website

I am encourages that as his first official proclomation President Obama has called for today to be a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.

Join me in pouring Libations of thanks to Liberty and Columbia and Uncle Sam, Join me in lighting incense to the guiding and guarding spirits of our President and his Cabinet and all of those who now start the difficult role of Public Service.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Imbolc early…

  1. I cried like a baby.

    This man has such a huge job ahead of him.

    Blessings rain down upon him.

    But ya know…I’m not sure I was all that crazy about Michelle’s ball gown! I think Obama kept stepping on it when they were dancing. LOL

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