Remembering and learning and looking forward

So I have poured my libation in memory and honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the many others known and unkown to me who have worked and struggled to help my country struggle towards its more perfect union.

No lights, no spectral visitation, some rather well timed wind gusts but they could have been entirely concidental on a breezy Florida night.

I don’t know that I needed any spectral evidence… I feel humbled to look back at the various civil rights struggles my nation has moved through in its 200 plus years.  I find myself looking forward to the Innaguration and the moving forward into a new hopeful era.

I find myself realizing I have much to learn about the Civil Rights pioneers from the Sufferagettes and Abolitionists to the Civil Rights leaders of the 1960’s, to the Queer pioneers who helped fight for ~ and continue to fight for ~ equality.

I will be spending the day tomorrow on projects and housework and keeping an eye on the innaugural coverage.

Peace, and Blessed Be!


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