Interesting offer, and a lot of computer based puttering today…

So today I have had an opportunity presented to me, not a lot of money in it, but its a chance to be involved in something I care deeply about and that will not only feed my soul… I truly believe that this project, or rather the activities at the core of it, are a part of my Work in this lifetime.

So then I worked on seeing that opportunity through… more on that later…

I spent a portion of today editing the links section of this site, and working on some of the side-bar layouts… adding buttons moving things around.  I also improved on the functionality of the links page and added a few small strokes of HTML code that added a lot of ease in use to that page… actually I am also learning how to integrate HTML and the post editor… slowly yet surely I am entering deeper into the mysteries of computer geekdom… or at least web geekdom… I probably couldn’t program my way out of a paper bag!

In other news, while I haven’t written the post yet, I have written some notes for a post at my Gay Civil Rights blog and have had a wonderfully quiet and healing day at home.

I listened to a few podcasts, and added some to the links section…
A Darker Shade of Pagan, From the Edge of Circle, and just now Elemental Castings (the fire and creativity issue with Sharon Knight)

A creatively productive and enthusiasm filled day, capped off with some Chinese food and then excellent dialogue between Thorne and Sharon and meditation and breathing and magick and a glass of something a little rum-blessed… It’s been a nice day!

Peace, and Blessed Be!


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