Something for the Culinary Pagan

So for Imbolc I am sharing a variety of Culinary, Crafty, and Poetic posts.  This first non-poetry one is to share an outline for Potato Soup, and share a wonderful Pagan culinary list…

Wine and Cakes: Kitchen Witcheries and Heathen Hospitality

Is a delightful culinary and cooking list for Pagans and Heathens of all sorts.   Sometimes dormant and sometimes boiling over with posts and ideas!

Here’s something I recently posted there…

So the Big Guy and I have a ton of Potato’s around the house… His
brothers are Truck driver’s and occasionally they turn us on to a
great deal on veggies and other items they encounter in their hauls…

So we have, seemingly, a metric butt-load of potato’s in the fridge
and pantry. Last week I had a few days off and was feeling fairly
ambitious and the weather here in Central Florida was especailly
cold… overnight temps that week were in the 30’s and daytime temps
were in the 50’s to low 60’s; I know that’s not bad at all compared to
what a lot of folks are dealing with but her in Central Florida it’s a
cold day! So Soup seemed appropriate!

I’d never made potato soup before so I went to the shelf and dug
through The Joy of Cooking and some of my other culinary books for
ideas and inspiration relating to Potato Soup…

I thoroughly washed 5 or 6 potatoes, cut them into small bite-sized
pieces, and boiled them.

While the potatoes were boiling I fried up some Ground Turkey and some
Onions, adding some minced garlic and a few herbs and spices.

I then ran the boiled potato pieces through the blender. While I was
doing that I also reserved a couple of cups of the starchy potato water…

I wasn’t sure how thick the potatoes would be once I’d gotten them
through the blender. I’m glad I had saved the water as the blended potato was still a little thick and besides it’s like Chef Adams used to say.. you can
almost always thicken a soup back down by simmering out some of the water!

From this point, it was a matter of looking for other ingredients and
side fixings.. in this case we had some Cheddar Bratwurst and Broccoli
and Vegetable Mix (cauliflower, carrots, and more broccoli) in the
freezer… some quick thawing and slicing of the Brats… and Ta Da!
It’s Soup!!

I’d love to have had either some chicken broth or some vegetable broth
to use as a base… and maybe instead of the frozen veggies a big pan
of Roasted veggies to add at the last minute? (especially if I were
doing this as a vegetarian recipe…)


So if you are intrigued, or hungry, go to the Wine and Cakes and sign up and start sharing some of your own Hearthy goodness for Imbolc!



2 thoughts on “Something for the Culinary Pagan

  1. My grandma didn’t mash the potatoes, but left them in chunks, swimming in the broth. She also used chives. I’ve used leeks to make what amounts to a leek and potato soup, which I can only imagine is an ancient recipe. We toast bread as an accompaniment and dollop sour cream on the top. Dear gods, it’s good.

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