Dear, Dear Goddess…

Dear, Dear Goddess,

Help me to find patience with those who have mistaken their need to run away from their tremendous Mommy and Daddy and Church issues, for a Pagan spiritual calling.  You know, the ones who like to talk about how wonderful and enlightened and tollerant the Pagan community is an then when the topic of Christianity comes up their head snap back like a giant Pez dispenser spouting off ignorant and hateful things about Christianity?  Yeah, they are exhausting my love for other beings as of late…

Thank you,

Your loving Servant and Child,


11 thoughts on “Dear, Dear Goddess…

  1. Pax


    That was a piece of it, but the 31st and the 1st were just my days to run into a lot of Negative Christian bashing stuff.


  2. Ah, you have my sympathies, then. I’ve been there before, myself. While I can occasionally be critical of fundamentalist Christianity, I also take great pride in several friendships I have with numerous Christians and have come to their defense on multiple occasions. It can be tiresome after a while.

    Didn’t you mention that you’re dating a Christian? I’d imagine that could make the bashing all the more tiresome at times.

  3. Pax

    Dating?! I am partnered/engaged to The Big Guy!! We’ve been together for four years now and I would marry him tomorrow if I were legally able to do so!

    It was actually some comments he heard at a Pagan event a few years ago that have him unwilling to participate in Pagan related social events for fear of hearing bigoted b.s.

    I wrote a little bit about it for a Witchvox article…

    … hrm… some ideas percolating now…

    Thanks Jarred!

  4. Sorry, I didn’t catch how serious the relationship was. My congratulations though. We should all be so lucky someday.

    I’ll definitely check out the Witchvox article.

  5. Pax


    No worries Jarred… if you are anything like me… you spend a goodly chunk of your internet time chatting with far-flung friends, e-mail, reading a few dozen blogs, occasionally shouting and shaking your fist at the computer (followed, often, by frenetic and impassioned bouts of typing….)

    So, no worries! 🙂


  6. Geoffrey, if that was OUR UU group that said all those nasty things at the Beltane rite, allow me to offer apologies. Joe and I are members of a UU pagan group here in Orlando, and I’m not sure if it was our Beltane rite you came to (over on Hampton and Robinson, near downtown) or a different UU group.

    Joe used to be the VP of the group. I was the event coordinator.

    I do know that there used to be a woman who hung out there who was very ugly about Christianity. But she is not there any more.

    I really hope I didn’t inadvertently say something offensive!

  7. Pax

    GOSH NO!!! … I mean Gosh no Tracie, it wasn’t the Orlando Group, it wasn’t anyone there, and it most definitely was not you!

    The quotes in the Witchvox article were examples and a juxtaposition of comments about Christianity with other hate speech… I had never meant to suggest that those were the comments The Big Guy heard.

    He actually has never shared them with me…

    Anyhow, I took care of the situation by e-mailing several of the Anchorage Area Pagan community lists (first having sent a warning e-mail to my friend who had coordinated the event for the budding CUUPs chapter in the Anchorage fellowship).

    The e-mail and post was entitled “Dear Bigot,” and laid out in no uncertain terms that their words had hurt someone to the point where they were afraid of the hatefulness Pagans exhibit towards Christians… They had hurt someone I love and I did my best to vent my spleen upon them in the fiercely polite language that truly cuts to the core.

    Anyhow, I hope that’s settled.

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