journaling stuff 02/04/09

So I have started to seriously re-pick up Tarot as a regular part of my Witchcraft… I think I need the scrying practice and the focus shifting that Tarot can give us.  It is a useful tool for scrying and for helping to look at our situation in a new way…

I worked over Imbolc, but it wasn’t to horribly busy in the park, especially as we had a solid rain all day.  It was, strangely appropriate for a Fire festival, in that Brigid is, in part, a Goddess of healing and the Element of Water is associated with that.  Given all the prayers I am sure have been spoken in the last several months relating to healing and cleansing the U.S., well I am not surprised there was rain.

Tonights skies were crystal clear and full of doom.   The overnight low is projected to go into the 20’s… this wouldn’t be so alarming, even in Florida had we not been having a number of nights with lows in the 30’s and 40’s recently… its really doing a number on the plants!

In other news I am working on another piece about the ethics and virtues of Witchcraft, since there have been a lot of comment streams and discussions I’ve run into lately that seem to think that Witchcraft and Wicca are lacking in those areas.

Also on the workbench is a piece about the presence of, and importance of supporting, Pagan based Charity organizations; or at least working with and supporting Pagan friendly charities.

I am also working on some of my poetry, and have decided to try taking up knitting of all things!



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