Check this new podcast out!!

Hey folks,

I am puttering around the Internet and Facebook and similar delightful distractions as I wait to go on a job interview. So I see a note on Facebook where I ended up checking out a new podcast The Infinite and The Beyond.

It is in it’s first episode and starting up, and I want to encourage anyone who reads this to check out this well produced new entry into the Pagan podcasting community!

I love, love, love this show… and am having a great deal of trouble following my own rule about linking the online resources page to a podcast that has only a few episodes… it’s really good folks!


PS- am working on some writings about life, love, loss, and death and spirituality… but sometimes life and spirituality is about the fun and deep yet light stuff too!

3 thoughts on “Check this new podcast out!!

    1. Pax

      You are so welcome! Glad to do it, since I started getting into podcasts I am having trouble keeping up… kind of like blogs… but I know what I like and from my time in College Radio I know a thing or two about audio production and am always willing to celebrate intelligent conversation and excellent production!

  1. Thanks again. By chance do you have anything you may like me to talk about? Just curious. I read your message to me in the latest episode. I had hoped you wouldn’t have minded since your message was left in a public place. I hope I did not step out of line?. If so, I apologize.

    Thanks again!

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