Timing and Focus…

are important to any endeavor… sadly I am lacking in both right now…. I am reading the blogs and listening to Pagan Radio Network and the Podcasts and thinking and feeling and sorting thoughts and feelings…

Bad and Good… lows and highs on an emotional and activity level roller coaster that is my life recently.  Been hanging out and having fun with Canita and Jolly (not their real names) another gay couple that the Big Guy knows from having dated and then become friends with Canita years ago… They had a delighful Valentines dinner at their place.

I’d love to be writing something insightful or at least thought out about any one of a dozen topics I have been planning on ranting on… celebrating Aphrodite this time of hear among them, thankfully Beth Owls Daughter over at Owl’s Wings wrote about the Golden Glorious Gluteused One recently…but I can’t seem to focus on those quite yet… I do feel like I am close to getting back in order though so that’s a blessing.

I have one new project that is near to completion… then I will be sharing and crowing about it….
I am also being drawn back into my study of the 8 Virtues of Witchcraft… as listed in the Charge?  I am working on/through them and writing for myself… perhaps someday to share with the world but I think it is one way I can start stretching my wings.

I have been watering the hibiscus we planted over Tiger’s burial place.  We set it up as a sort of memorial and to protect his remains from disturbance, leading to my partner’s occassionally surreal question…

“Did you water the cat today?”

… it is strange, now I have an unsought for especial spot to pour libations for the Honored and Beloved Dead.  Perhaps once we have made sure the Hibiscus is thriving I could place some charms or items there in memory of some of my other Honored’s and Beloved’s…

Hibiscus is used magically for its powers of divination and lust and love; and is associated with the element of water.  None of which is why we chose it for Tiger’s memorial planting.

Our first house together in Florida, house as opposed to apartment, had Hibiscus plants growing in front of some of the windows… providing a soothing green and ever flowering privacy and sun screen to our front windows.  It is an effect I liked and will replicate eventually in my homes in the future.  Hibiscus is thus my favorite flowering tropical yardscape plant although I will admit I am rather liking the idea of it as a memorial plant too given its Love and Divination associations!

More Later!!



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