02/17/2009-journal & personal work…

So I have been updating, and adding to and rewriting some of the pages of this little blog/site of mine!  (Poke around some of the Pages to find out where and what!)

No one has shared any links for the Online Resources page… yet… I am nothing if not an optimist.  I am also going to be adding a nice page of some useful definitions and stuff…

I am reconnecting with a dear friend of mine recently and looking forward to some more real-world social time!  And since The Incubus is also a game geek like myself I might actually get some RPG / D&D action sometime soon…  WOO HOO GETTIN’ MY GEEK ON!!

If anyone has the skills to help me rewrite my CSS to make a third column area to the reader’s left such that I can place all my visual buttons down that side of the screen please let me know…

I want to get back to writing here… and this journalling is part of that… but losing the kitty and a few other downs and ups have hilighted for me my need to get back to work as a Witch on my growth and development… so I am working on it!  Some of my future entries will probably be relating to that….



3 thoughts on “02/17/2009-journal & personal work…

  1. Hi, Pax. I’d like to help.

    I have a pretty good grasp on CSS. Anything from fancy to minimal.

    If you’re interested email me. And we can proceed from there?


    btw what kind of RPGs do you like? I play console/Japanese RPGs I’m a total Final Fantasy Addict 🙂

  2. Very cool. I’ve been checking out some of your pages. To be honest, though, I have a terrible memory and couldn’t tell you what changed and what’s still the same. 😉

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