Witchery…. or, I have an altar again!

“Witchery ~ witch*er*y/ n. 1 witchcraft. 2. power exercised by beauty or eloquence or the like. ~Oxford American Dictionary of Current English New American Edition (2000)”

This quote, which you should be able to see… among a great many other things along the right side of this blog, has always delighted me.  I think the basics of this definition should hold true for any spiritual or religious path…. that whatever path you follow should be empowered through beauty and elloquence… I just like that… it rings true on that deep experiental level that can be so hare to articulate in every day conversation.

I have had a lot of conversations about this, and about the power of creativity with my friend Laurel…  she’s this fabulously talented artist I know.  She is actually the one who gifted me the marvelous painted silk scarf of which part makes up the banner of this little blog.

Here, is an image of it against another fabric as background in my ongoing feeble attempts to capture the image as a banner for this site!

Anyhow, Laurel and I have had many a delightful conversation about the power that can be exercised and the potentially healing and transformative nature or creative arts and artwork.  One touches and experiences the Creatrix and Creator most intimately in the act of creation.

This is why the Great Rite, in symbol and in act, are one of the most sacred rites of religious Witchcraft after all.  Out of the act of creation, results all of creation.

All of this meandering about creativity and the Divine is to say that one of the many delightful results of our recently acquired house guests is that in all the rearranging I have managed to craft myself an altar!p1010086

It comprises a small square bookshelf and my bedside table, said table doing double duty as my nightstand and a secure spot for currently read books and an alarm clock on occasion.

p1010083 As you can see I am using the top drawer of said nightstand for assorted altar supplies and tchotske’s.

The bottom drawer is reserved for diverse potentially naughty items and various sordid sundries of a personal nature, I shant bore you with the details.  Love and Pleasure and all of that…


I need to get a small box or two… and perhaps a small shelf to use against the window… to hold a few notebooks tarot cards and cloths…  but I once more have an altar and have taken advantage of that fact to pray at it an use it a bit in the recent retail madness of my new job and my misadventures seeing if two part-time jobs can actually equal a full time one.

Now that I have an altar again, though, I feel a bit more like I can handle whatever mischief life throws at me!  Silly, I know, but it’s true.


I have also changed the photo on my computer desk-top to a collage that I used to use part of as the banner here at Chrysalis, and may again.  I have also changed the themes on my computer to match.

I am also contemplating, inspired by some recent conversations on the Pagan Community Builder’s list, of bringing special and subtle observances of my spritual path into my life maybe finally breaking down and using the Witches Date planner in my personal organizer… and finding other ways to blend the magickal and miraculous with my mundane.

more later,


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