A dream achieved… and a new start!

p1010091I fulfilled a lifelong dream recently… I am now a professional writer!  I hadn’t wanted to blog about it until the issue came out… but I got the check in the mail the other day… it’s happened and it’s real and each and every person who has read this blog and who has commented on my posts here and who has allowed me to comment on their blogs has had a part in my growth over the last couple of years as a writer.

Thank you!

I have been graciously invited to write a regular column Building Pagan Community, for Thorn Magazine.  This offer came entirely out of left field as a result of some of the blogging I have done in the last few months and some of the comment’s I’ve made on some of the blogs I read a lot.   I found the whole editor/author process to be challenging and a little frustrating… I’m used to just splattering my thoughts and feelings all over this blog and occasionally working and editing and crafting a particular piece.  Over all, though, I liked it.  I feel like I can learn a heck of a lot about writing and about myself as a man, a witch, and a writer, by working with an editor on projects.

Please, subscribe today!!!  I mean it, because by subscribing to our communities magazines we encourage our community and our quality magazines and publishers!  (there is an additional link to Thorn‘s website at the bottom of this article, as well as the one in the sidebar)

I recently got a big box of papers and photographs that my father had been holding onto.  He recently moved into a Seniors apartment complex near my brother’s house and my brother helped dad clear out a bunch of stuff.  This box included School photo’s, school assignment’s from when I was a small kid…

I had always been a reader, and from the earliest assignment in my First or Second grade I mentioned wanting to be a writer.  Somewhere along the way I had let go of that dream, much like the huge collection of half finished stories and writings that I let go of years ago when I moved into my first place of my very own.

But now, now I am a writer! …. even if (as I have been joking with friends) in my dreams writing involved gobs more money!  Of course I also realize that I’ve only made one sale so far… Danielle Steele didn’t get to flout the San Francisco parking authorities until she’d been a successful author for years… so for now I will bide my time and keep writing!

Having achieved one dream, I can achieve others.

This is SO cool!

4 thoughts on “A dream achieved… and a new start!

  1. Bit late from me, but congratulations!!

    Wonderful achievement! I’ve also wanted to be a writer from an early age, and blogging has been largely responsible for developing my writing skills over the past couple of years.

    It’s wonderful to make dreams a reality!

    1. Pax

      The greatest thing about this whole series of events is that it was entirely out of left field. I posted and put out some ideas and responses, and Chip liked what he saw enough to offer me the column…. Yay serendipity!

      Thanks to you guys for your kind words!

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