What I did on the Full Moon 1/11 & 12/2009

Hey there folks!!

So After an exhausting day of work I sat in a hot, HOT, bath and debated passing out and working my Witchy duties to the Lady and Lord out on the morrow.  But I heard a neighbor’s cat yowling, I think she’s in heat, and was reminded that I also needed to water Tiger’s Hibiscus, and offer to my Beloved and Honored Dead and my Ancestors, Named and Unknown.

So I craweld out of the tub, litterally… flat feet and bad posture can be a brutal combination, and hobbled into the kitchen.  I filled my large soup pot with filtered water and headed out into the back yard.

I called out to the Goddess and God, to my Dead and Ancestors, and to the Spirits and Guardian Spirits of my home; then I poured libations for each group.

No light shows or woo-woo or great gnostic revalations ensued, but I felt better and so now I am puttering on the computer.


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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