Libations and Tasting for Dionysus

So I was doing a little early morning grocery shopping today when I felt a pull towards the Wine aisle…

I had been promising myself, and informally Dionysus, that I would buy and offer some wine when I had the money to spare… I had (for a brief moment) money to spare so I opened up to the Numinous and wandered the Wines aisle looking at various labels and types… trying not to worry about the price until I was to be confronted with it…


Thankfully I found an ideal wine that was reasonably priced.  Dancing Bull Chardonnay ’07.  The name, and the logo caught my eye immediately, and I was relieved to find it a reasonably priced gift from the God at $9.99.

I rushed home and as time allowed in the afternoon I set up my altar.  I had decided to combine an offering with my resolve to build and maintain my wine tasting skills and hard won knowledge of wines.  What better way to honor Dionysus than to savor and appreciate the fruit of his vines?

I had saved some of the wine-tasting sheets from my Wines classes and prceded to set up an altar for this impromptu celebration.  I cleared my bedside table and set up a Tasting Altar beside my permanent Altar.  I had blessed water both in the Chalice for West and Water and in a separate cup for cleansing the palate and perhaps for making a double libation… at a certain point I tend to go with the ritual flow…

Everything was ready and I was set to begin when I realized I hadn’t consecrated the little metal bowl for the Libation to be poured into.  I picked it up in my hands and brought it close to my mouth…p10100941

“I bless you and consecrate you, oh creature of metal that I might work wonders and ritual in honor of and in the name of the Gods, Blessed Be!” I said as I tapped the side of the bowl, letting forth a ringing bell-like tone.

I paused a moment to gather myself together.  Then, kneeling on a pillow before the altar, I raised up my arms and hands in the Oren’s position as I read one of the Orphic Hymns to Dionysus…

“Dionysus I call,Loud-Sounding and Divine, Fanatic God, A two-fold shape is Thine, Thy various names and attributes I sing,

O, First-born, Thrice-begotten, Bacchic King: Rural, Ineffable, Two-Formed, ObscureTwo-horned, With Ivy Crowned, Euion,


Bull-Faced, and Martial, Bearer of the Vine,

Endued with Counsel Prudent and Divine:

Triennial, Whom The Leaves of Vines Adorn,

Of Zeus and Pershephoneia Occultly Born.

Immortal Spirit, Hear My Suppliant Voice.

Give me in blameless plenty to rejoice:

And listen gracious to my mystic prayer,

Surrounded with thy choir of nurses fair.”

I then said a few personal words of greeting and thanks and offering to Him.

I poured the Libation unto Him, and then poured myself a glass…

Date: 3/23/2009

Wine: Dancing Bull Chardonnay

Vintage: 07

Price: $9.99+tax (yours may vary)

Color: A pale to medium White wine with a yellow/gold color to it and great clarity.

Aroma: Aromatic and perfume like with strong elements of Pear and fruit blossoms (that slightly powdery flower scent?) and Golden Raisin.

Taste: Somewhere between sweet and slightly dry there was just a little bit of acidity in the syrupy texture and fruity taste.   I noted, again, Pear and an overall Syrupy texture and taste, hints of fresh green grass and a hint of a coppery taste.

Pairing:  Any simple Chicken dish (where chicken and herbs are predominant… you’d want to be careful with the bbq sauce… a very sweet fruity one if any)  Sea food, especially any white fish.  I could also see this paired with a fresh pastry or bread of some time as an appetizer or brunch item… Croissants perhaps?


I am feeling a little Dionysian inspiration to work on something about Wines and Wine tasting and put the Virtues article on the back burner… will have to meditate on that.



Here’s a close up of the Tasting Altar…p1010095

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