Trying to open to creativity…

So the 27th was my 37th Birthday.  Go me!

Anyhow, I had arranged to take a three-day week-end from my two jobs with the intention of reveling in some me time.  One of the things I have/had/hope to do, before this week-end is over is to get some substantial writing done on my new column in Thorn.

I am discovering though that trying to say something resonant and meaningful is a lot tougher when you are trying to do in months in advance!

There have also been several times where I have tried to sit down to work on my Fantasy novel/world stuff for my collaboration with my dear friend Incubus, and my Aphrodite novel project, and any number of articles and I just feel kind of flat-lined… creatively speaking.

I suspect part of this is a lack of discipline on my part, and my old, old, friend… fear of failure.  Time was I would let FoF stop me from doing things, I would let myself be miserable rather than trying to do stuff that fed my spirit becuse I was more afraid of even a small failure than I was of stagnation…

It’s rather like being less afraid of drowning than of looking silly clinging to the life-preserver!

of course now I am feeling a little less creatively blocked… maybe I just need to commit to a daily free-writing here…



One thought on “Trying to open to creativity…

  1. Congrats on your 37!

    I have a few writing projects myself including a book on mythology and a fantasy novel (Titled Kemio’s Ocean Adventure). I haven’t worked on the former much at all this year, and the latter has been untouched since NaNoWriMo 97. Not to bothered about my fantasy novel, as I can work on it in my imagination, but the mythology book requires mostly research, which can be draining and kind of frustrating when I’m unable to find substantial sources for my work.

    Also having problems procrastinating, but since the beginning of the lunar month I’ve made some headway with some future blog posts, plus I’ve I’ve been drawing some inspiration from my current reading material.

    I’m trying to write down my dreams, as I indicated in my recent post. I also have a few other projects on the go regarding my spiritual/physical/psychological development.

    The best thing any write can do is commit to writing some, anything everyday (it also helps if you have a mentor to increase daily motivation).

    A few months back I submitted an article for a Mythology Ezine. The editor liked the piece but it required a re-write, and I haven’t yet managed to set aside the time to work on it.

    Bright Blessings.

    And may the mead of inspiration flow!! 😉

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