So to whom shall I raise my cup?

So I am in one of those modern Pagan’s quandries…

It started with re-reading Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed our World by Mark Pendergrast.  A delightful history book tracing the history of coffee from the dimly recorded days of Kalladi the Goatherd (semi-legendary discoverer of the bean) to the present.

It occurred to me to wonder about the Goddess and/or God of Coffee.

Some sources will bring up Caffeina, an allegedly Roman Goddess whose apotheosis some humorists have attributed to the Emporer Jullian.  (known to some histories as Jullian the Apostate for his desire to bring back Paganism in the 300’s C.E.)  I just have trouble swallowing this story… as my research indicates she may have been invented as a marketing scheme…

As someone who has recently been trying to blend his devotion to the Lady and Lord of Witchcraft with a burgeoning relationship with some of the Olympian’s (Greek Pantheon for the non-Hellenist crowd), I was a bit torn as to which of the God’s of Greece I might thank for the pep in my step.

I could easily see Apollo or Hestia as being credited by some.  I can definitely see Aphrodite and Dionysus being great proponents of this beverage, and of course my beloved Hecate as another night wandering deity would probably savor some in a cup or chalice.

Given though, that legends state that it was a Goatherd who discovered his goats, intoxicated on the coffee cherry who first discovered the mis-named beans blessing, I am minded to thank Pan for providing this sacred beverage!

Perhaps I shall go have a cup, pray to the Gods for guidance, and see who shows up…



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