Labyrinths and regular practice…

Dear Pagani,

I walked a hedgerow labyrinth today, an unexpected exercise in Spirit in an otherwise mundane day trip to visit with a room-mates cousin.labyrinth

I walked into and out of this labyrinth, letting the everyday world slip away for a time and focusing on the thoughts and inspirations and messages I might find in the journey.

The journey as many a good mystic will tell you, is at least as important as the destination.  The thing is though that it isn’t just about experiencing the journey, or being open to inspiration or guidance; in life and in labyrinths it is what you choose to do with your time on your journey that is often the key component in the spell…

While I hardly ever watch television, and then usually crime shows or history documentaries, I am into the internet… although I do think The Big Guy’s accusations of “Internet Junkie” are a bit uncalled for…

Anyway I am inspired in this essay today by the lessons of singing and internet sensation and Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle (here, here, and here for more info…) and  first series underdog BGT winner Paul Potts (here, here, and here for more info…).

Both of these folks had dreams of singing.  Both of them practiced and studied as they were able and both of them at some point decided to take their courage up and try for this televised tallent show…

“Both of them practiced and studied as they were able…”

This is key to my point…

Over the years I have had a lot of conversations about creativity and pursuing artistic and creative endeavors and the spiritual component of such things with my friend Ravenmoon.  She’s this cool and fabulously talented artist lady I know; and one of our continuing conversations is about how when one engages in a creative or artistic act, one in some way engages or touches the Creatrix/Creator.

Another of our long running themes is how sad it is that more folks don’t engage in creative or artistic endeavors.  It often seems like folks will give up on a creative or artistic endeavor… say drawing.. because the faces they draw don’t look “right”… never mind that “right” in art is rather subjective and that it takes a lot of practice for even talented artists to get faces “right” if getting faces “right” is what speaks to them.

And that’s the key thing… if something touches your soul and speaks to you, if in nourishes some part of your soul, if it brings you somehow closer to your center or to Spirit, then pursue it, practice it!

“…let nothing stop you or turn you aside.”

Keep working at it and trying and engaging in that process until you reach whatever goal you may set for yourself!

This holds true in Singing, and Printmaking, and Writing.  It especially holds true in Magick and Witchcraft and all sorts of Paganism and in life.  There are precious few people in this world who are so talented that they can pick something up instantly… practice, study, persevere!

“Never, never, never, give up!”

Fabulous talent, preciously and rarely, just IS…. most fabulous talent is the result of a lot of practice and work along the way!

Whatever you goal or destination, take the time on your journey to do the hard and often repetitive work needed to get you to your goal!!



2 thoughts on “Labyrinths and regular practice…

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  2. I’ve learned more about Labyrinths from Kelly La Sha’s book, Liquid Mirror: An Illustrated, Experiential Journey into the Labyrinth of your Soul.
    The workbook in the book Liquid Mirror, made me aware of the value of self-honesty and showed me how to find the unconscious beliefs that run my life. Now I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my life rather than a victim of circumstances.
    I also loved the fact how personal Kelly was in her book, speaking from her own personal experiences.

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